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Below are a list of comments submitted about the Doggie Bag. Please feel free to contact us with your comments using the 'Contact Us' section of this website

Pippa Hogsbjerg
"I bought my Doggie bag from you at crufts this year and I love it, it is so good, I can carry all my stuff I need and as I have to walk through streets the poo bags and storage has already been used and is very good. I would not change a thing about it. Well done for wonderful product Pippa x"

Jo Watts
Portesbery Pets
"I am so impressed with the quick delivery thank you! Also the bag is fantastic, I really didnt know how I was going to fit everything I need in it for dog walking, plus all the other "bits" women have in their handbags anyway, but I have! It is such a fab design and idea you must be so proud! Keep up the good work! Will be ordering more poo bags soon im sure. Portesbery Pets"

Claire Filtness
"Dear Noel. I have received my Doggie Bag and I'm very happy with it! It is an excellent product and I'm sure my dog and I are going to appreciate it greatly. The quality of both the product and the service has been wonderful. I'll be sure to recommend you to my 'doggie' friends!"

Julie Sharp
Pet Shop Manager
"Holds everything you need when walking the dog. The idea and design are brilliant."

Caren Price
Specialist Dog Trainer
"A bag of dog mess in one hand and a young child in the other is not an ideal mix. The Doggie Bag is a great solution to this."

Diana Lang
Happy Customer
"Happy to report that the bag is just as good as I had hoped! Great to have all your doggie and personal paraphernalia all in one place. I imagine it will become even more useful as the days get warmer and the lack of a coat means lack of pockets. When I used it yesterday I was even able to get a small coffee flask in it, which was much appreciated at the end of a long walk! I know you probably didn't intend it to be a doggie "overnight bag", but I go away for weekends with my four-legged quite often, and I can get a towel and food in the bag, as well as his toys, chews, etc. Having the pockets for my keys, cash etc also means I can do without the added hassle of taking a handbag. So, 10 out of 10 all round!"

Adrienne Alcock
"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the dog owners bag. It's really useful and comfortable to wear as well. The washable liners are a brilliant idea. I am a Puppy Walker for Guide dogs and now I can carry everything I need and still have both hands free to control the pup. Well done!"

Heather Preece
"After meeting you at Crufts on Friday, I couldn't wait to use my bag. Have just got back from leading a retriever/labrador social walk and it was fantastic. It was comfortable to wear, I could fit everything I needed in it including a first aid kit! The bag dispenser meant not losing half the bags across the field and the temporary dog waste bin meant hands free and smell free car on the way home! I don't know how I ever managed before. Brilliant idea and fantastic design."

Valerie Langton
"Thank you so much I have received the doggie bag and I am very pleased. This will make a difference to me and my dogs Molly and Bonnie. An excellent product and service. Thank you again"

Giselle Harrison
"The has arrived and it is so useful, we are delighted with it, it is so practical and makes long walks more enjoyable. What a whizz idea.! Thanks for your friendly and helpful attention."

Happy customer
"Hi, Thank you very much for my doggie bag, as a dog walker you never have enough room in your pockets for all the things you need and the things you want to take with you, at last I can keep it all together. Thank you very much"

Louisa Garton
"I bought this innovative product at the Bath Championship dog show. I was extremely impressed with it\'s clever ideas, handy pockets and up-to-date design. Having a light bag with easy access to poop bags and a waterproof/washable bag inside to store them until you can get to a bin is so handy. The new tighter local-council legislations on picking up after your dog means that dog owners are now looking for an easy solution. Your bag has it all and with great storage ideas!!! Now it\'s easy to be a responsible dog owner thanks to this great product. I would happily recommend this bag to all dog owners, WELL DONE on such a fantastic product!!"

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